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Few types of real estate are as unique as lofts. Forged out of older industrial buildings, and combining older architectural elements with a modern outlook for space and amenities, these homes are ideal for buyers seeking distinctive character that sets them apart from traditional apartments and high-rises. And for buyers interested in lofts, Kansas City, MO offers some of the finest examples ever created.

The available selection of lofts in Kansas City comes in all shapes and sizes. Choose from older buildings, like First and Main Lofts in the River Market district, which have appropriated centuries-old factories and improved them inside and out. Newly designed buildings, like 5 Delaware – also in River Market – pay homage to the industrial facades of older loft conversions, while offering more eco-friendly construction, greater energy efficiency, and modern flourishes. Some lofts in Kansas City, such as those in 2004 Grand, feature full floor units that are simply unmatched in terms of space, views and amenities.

Lofts Kansas City

Like condos for sale in Kansas City, lofts present access to an incredible urban existence. Residents are in close proximity to all of the commerce, culture and entertainment of Kansas City, and can easily pursue a new adventure every day. Take the family to an amusement park on one day, enjoy a romantic five-star meal the next, and somehow always find time to browse through a wealth of upscale shops. Or go for a night on the town, where everything from ballet to jazz music, professional sports and seasonal events are within reach. Anything is possible in Kansas City.

To begin your search for lofts Kansas City, MO, contact me – Matt Zammar – today.